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  • Regular pool servicing
  • One off pool servicing
  • Vacant property servicing
  • Holiday servicing
  • Pool Health checks
  • Green/Brown pool cleaning
  • Stain and scale treatments


  • We have a Trade Qualified people to provide that level of comfort of a quality job
  • We repair pumps, filters and chlorinators.
  • Supply all your pumps, filtration and chlorinator requirements.
  • All types of repairs and installations
  • Leak detection using state of the art electronic equipment, camera, pressure testing, dye injection
  • Need a POOL SAFETY CERTIFICATE to comply with pool fencing laws, simply give us a call. Our inspector license has no conditions, so he can also carry out minor repairs if required.
  • Fibreglass repairs, Pool Painting, Tiling, Paving
  • Warranty agents for Astral and Maytronics
  • Access to LoChlor Chemical Engineers for those difficult situations


  • "free" in-store water testing
  • Supply a wide variety of spare parts, accessories
  • Large range of Toys
  • Quality chemicals from Lochlor and Focus
  • We sell a range of auto pool cleaners and are agents for Stern's above ground pools.
  • New to pools - lets us show you how to maintain with a free "show and tell"
  • For regular services we offer loan equipment to keep your pool running in the short term.
  • Authorised Maytronics (Dolphin) Elite Dealer warranty agent - Robotic cleaners
  • So, whatever your needs, Hosking Pool Care are here for you.



All our Pool Cleaning Services are Premium Services & Include:

  • Complete water test and balance
  • Vacuum everytime (even when not required)
  • Clean filter / (change DE powder when required)
  • Clean cell if required
  • Adjust equipment running time for Summer or Winter conditions
  • Scrub clean water line
  • Brush walls and floor
  • Scoop surface leaves and debris
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Top up pool
  • Check CPR sign, gate self closes and latches and other major defects
  • Inspect equipment for defects




Pool Painting